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Home, UK mail order and on-line suppliers of polytunnels, polytunnel plastic, poly houses, tunnels and associated equipment from one of the first tunnels manufacturer in the UK Clovis Lande Associates.

The polytunnel, plastic or polythene tunnel or greenhouse, polyhouse, poly tunnel, call it what you will is only limited in use by your imagination although it is mainly used as a cost effective greenhouse.

The EC range of polytunnel greenhouses is designed and manufactured by Clovis Lande (leading commercial structure manufacturers since the late 1960's) and is designed for the keen gardener, smallholder, hobby grower or smaller commercial enterprise.

The HL (Highlande) Range is designed for the smallholder and commercial grower.

HL PolytunnelDesigned for simple installation

We use programmable, computer controlled bending machines that ensure a high quality bend consistency for the polytunnel. Instructions are provided to assist with the installation.


Our tunnel greenhouses are manufactured from galvanised high quality tensile steel inside and out with all metal fittings being zinc plated/coated or galvanised.


It is a common misconception that tube size is the governing factor in the strength of Polytunnels. In fact strength is a combination of tube diameter, wall thickness, steel tensile strength, method of manufacture and the structure shape, width and hoop spacing. If you are in an area of high wind speeds or high snow loads and you are looking for something stronger than the norm please contact us as we can design and engineer a tunnel to suit your needs.